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Code of Conduct

Last updated: October 10, 2023

At Unscripted Supports, we strive to maintain a positive and ethical work environment that aligns with our Mission, Vision, and Values. To achieve this, we have established a Code of Conduct that outlines the fundamental principles and guidelines that all team members must adhere to while carrying out their duties. Unscripted Supports reserves the right to modify or update this Code of Conduct at its discretion.


Unscripted Supports will comply with all relevant legislative, regulatory, and legal requirements in supporting people to have the courage and confidence to always make the changes they need to live their best lives.


Unscripted Supports aims to excel in the provision of person-centred supports through collaboration with participants, their support network, families, chosen community and stakeholders. We want people to succeed in their life choices and not to be reliant upon others wherever possible.


To support our clients that promote, uphold, and respect their legal and human rights and are enabled to freedom of expression, self-determination, informed decision making, choice and control.  We will always work with integrity, honesty, and transparency. To appreciate the stories of others, and identify each as unique, individualised and where struggles are represented, we are respectful and mindful of their challenges. To treat our staff with the highest respect as they would to our clients.


All Unscripted Supports employees, volunteers and support networks engaged within the business will be required to adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct for Employees, which is as follows:


  • Act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making in accordance with applicable laws and conventions.

  • Respect the privacy of people with a disability.

  • Provide supports and services in a safe and competent manner, with care and skill.

  • Act with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

  • Promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that may impact the quality and safety of supports and services provided to people with a disability.

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against, and exploitation, neglect, and abuse of, people with a disability.

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct.


All Unscripted Supports’ employees, volunteers, and contractors will be required to be responsible for their own behaviour and are obliged to conduct themselves in line with the Unscripted Supports Code of Conduct in the following manner when undertaking organisational business through their employment.


Our service delivers a positive culture, set of values and framework for our employees, volunteers, contractors and students. We will offer consistency, transparency, and fair dealings with all our service users.


Unscripted Supports will:

  • Uphold and comply with the NDIS Act 2013, NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, Child Protection Act 1999, Child Protection Regulation 2011 and Working with Children (Risk Management Screening) act 2000 (QLD).

  • Implement, monitor, evaluate and review policies, procedures, and systems to all legislative, regulatory, and legal requirements.

  • Deliver services that respects the employee’s human right, gender, sexuality, culture, religion, and spiritual identity.

  • Consult with and invest in our employees.

  • Respect their rights, privacy, and dignity to achieve goals and aspirations.

  • Establish and maintain professional working relationships.

  • Communicate in a relevant, inclusive, timely and responsive manner.

  • Ensure employees comply with reasonable directions given by Unscripted Supports.

  • Engage, negotiate and network with individuals and/or organisations for quality service provision within the best interest of the employee.

  • Educate our workforce, contractors, business partners and others regarding all our systems, policies, procedures, workplaces, legislative, regulatory, and legal requirements.

  • Commit to and support employing staff from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (AandTSI) and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds to maintain and strengthen their connection to their community, their spiritual and language connections.

  • Provide a positive and safe work culture and environment.


Scope of Unscripted Supports as a Company

Unscripted Supports is committed to providing a positive working environment where employees and management work together for their clients, families, and support networks. Refer to our Abuse and Neglect Policy and Procedure.


The organisation will ensure appropriate policies and procedures, including the Code of Conduct, are in place to ensure that employees are informed of expected conduct. All policies and procedures will be made available for viewing and employees will be informed where these policies can be accessed.

Policies and Procedures will be reviewed annually by Unscripted Supports or when required.

Scope of NDIS and Other Audits

Unscripted Supports fulfils the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators whereby Unscripted Supports is routinely audited. A NDIS Approved Quality Auditor may contact Unscripted Supports for an interview of their policies, procedures, and processes for service provision.


Personnel engaging and participating in service delivery who do not wish to engage in any audits may notify Unscripted Supports Management and inform them of your choice. Your choice will be respected and recorded in your personal file. A Unscripted Supports Management will notify Approved Quality Auditors of the personnel who do NOT want to participate in the audit upon commencement of any audit process.

Professional Boundaries

Unscripted Supports promotes personal and professional growth by maintaining clear and professional boundaries in the workplace. Please refer to section 10.8 of the Employee Handbook for further guidance.


Professional boundaries should be set between the following parties but not limited to:

  • Employee to employee

  • Employee to client/support network and vice versa

  • Manager to employee and vice versa


Unscripted Supports employees will work within professional boundaries where they are required to:

  • Be involved in leading a violence, abuse, neglect exploitation, discrimination and unacceptable behaviour claim or

  • Be involved in disciplinary action of an employee, volunteer or support network that lowers the safeguarding to Unscripted Supports Pty Ltd and its personnel.


Where a breach of professional boundaries has been identified Unscripted Supports management, they will follow correct non-compliance procedures.  It may lead to Performance Management and potential termination of employment. 

Privacy and Confidentiality

Confidentiality means any information obtained or received by Unscripted Supports for their clients, support networks and employees must be kept confidential, except where written or verbal consent is held on file for the client, employee or their legal guardian has given consent to share said information. Refer to our Privacy and Dignity Policy and Procedure.

Relationship and Friendships

A requirement of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is to build and promote natural relationships and friendships with others and the community.


The role of a naturally formed bonded friendship is different from a paid role and constitutes a conflict of interest (also see Conflict of Interest).  Unscripted Supports employees must not include client/s or their support networks in their social, personal or family lives and activities. This includes providing personal phone numbers, place of residence, details of social media platforms to clients or their support networks. Refer to section 10.3 of the Employee Handbook.

The interaction between a client and Unscripted Supports employee is not a naturally formed bond. An inappropriate relationship with a client or their support network has risks for Unscripted Supports clients, support network and employees including, but not limited to:


  • Increasing/or unreasonable demands and expectations

  • High stress and burnout

  • Inability to offer objective support

  • Setting limits

  • Dealing with behaviour

  • Favourtism

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Dependence


Where a Unscripted Supports Employee has contact or interacts with a client and a support network in any form outside of a paid shift, for example:


  • Social media

  • Phone

  • Visits their home

  • Have a client visit your home

  • Social interaction within the community (i.e., club, restaurant, café, etc)

  • Accept an invitation, or invite a client or stakeholder, to a party or event


Where a breach in relationship and friendships has been identified by Unscripted Supports management, they will follow correct non-compliance procedures.  It may lead to Performance Management and potential termination of employment.  Refer to or Employee Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.


Where an employee and their client relationship changes from a paid to a friendship role, advise management immediately, so risk management processes can take place to protect all parties involved.

Receiving Gifts

Unscripted Supports employees can accept gifts from clients ONLY under the follow confitions:

  • Small gift – box of chocolates, cards or flowers, small tokens of appreciation; drink etc.

  • The gift is for ALL team members to use or enjoy.

  • No personal gifts will be accepted.


Unscripted Supports considers receival of gifts from clients or support networks particularly where money, gift cards, vouchers, expensive items, or personal benefit is identified as unacceptable behaviour.


In addition to the above, a Unscripted Supports employee is not to profit by any means, from any interaction with a Unscripted Supports client, family, or support network for personal benefit.


  • Use of personalised store cards to obtain points.

  • Purchase an item from a client, or support network (either at a reduced or current price).

  • Refer a client to a business/activity managed or operated by themselves, friend, or family member where profits will be gained

  • Sell an item of personal belonging, of self, a friend or family member to a client or support network

  • Inherit from an estate or will of a client, their family member or support network

  • Act in the role of Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advocate of Health Director for any client, their family member or support network

  • Engage in any actions that result in violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, discrimination, breach of confidentiality whether in conversation or actions with or against a client, family, or support network or any of their stakeholders.


An employee is to seek guidance and support from Unscripted Supports Management whenever they are unsure of a procedure or path to follow. A good response if placed in any of the above mentioned positions is to simply say: “It is against company policy for me to……., if I do, I could lose my job”.


Where a breach of receiving gifts has been identified by Unscripted Supports management, they will follow correct non-compliance procedures. It may lead to Performance Management and potential termination of employment. Refer to or Employee Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.

Sexual and/or Intimate Relationship

A sexual and/or intimate relationship between employees and clients or between an employee and a family member of a current client is a serious breach of ethical and legal responsibilities, Unscripted Supports Code of Conduct and the NDIS Code of Conduct and must not occur under any circumstances. Should an employee consider beginning a consensual sexual and/or intimate relationship with a client or family member of a current client, they must leave the employment of Unscripted Supports prior to beginning that relationship.


Where a breach of sexual and/or intimate relationships has been identified Unscripted Supports management, they will follow correct non-compliance procedures. It may lead to Performance Management and potential termination of employment. Refer to or Employee Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.


Social Media

Comments published via social media platforms are public statements and should be made by an authorised spokesperson in the same way that comments are made in any public forum or to the media.

Unscripted Supports upload the Standard 1: Rights and Standard 6: Service Management. Practice Standard 2 Provider Governance and Operational Management (National Quality system).


“Social media” refers to any internet-based exchange of information or interaction and includes but is not limited to:


  • Facebook pages and groups

  • Instagram

  • Snap Chat

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Yammer

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube


Social media content includes all forms of communication including written words as posts, emails, or texts. It includes video and audio files. Images, graphics and emojis.


Only authorised persons can release organisational information including on social media. Unscripted Supports has official social media accounts that are used to share information with the public and answer general queries. Any engagement, conversation, or interaction between Unscripted Supports staff and others is respectful and appropriate. Unscripted Supports communicates honestly with staff and participants, their families, and carers. Private information about individuals accessing services is confidential. Any public information shared by Unscripted Supports is accurate and timely. Staff are entitled to use their personal social media accounts for private purposes in their own time and on their own device.

Work-Based Social Media

The release and use of any work-related information must be approved by the Director. This includes approval of the message, the social media platform and the timing of any post or comment. People working for Unscripted Supports whether paid or unpaid must not talk about or provide information about participants on any social media platform. This applies to activities at work and during non-work hours.


People working for Unscripted Supports whether paid or unpaid must not answer questions or provide advice on any issue related to their place of employment, the nature of their job or the types of services provided. They can make a note of the request or issue and refer it to Unscripted Supports and provide a response to the person asking the question using the authorised information. The Director or their delegate will approve the response.


Staff who manage official Unscripted Supports social media profiles is responsible for ensuring all information is approved for publication prior to publishing.  Authorised spokespersons must identify themselves as Unscripted Supports representative, and only disclose authorised information. They must comply with any legal requirements such as copyright, privacy, defamation, contempt of court, discrimination, cyberbullying, or harassment. Any comments must be lawful and respectful.

Personal Use of Social Media

Any personal use of social media is to be in personal time only and not on any organisational device. Unauthorised staff must not imply that they are authorised to speak as a representative of Unscripted Supports nor give the impression that the views expressed are those of Unscripted Supports.


Any person working for Unscripted Supports must not use the identity or likeness of another employee, contractor or other member Unscripted Supports. They must not post any material that is, or might be construed as, threatening, harassing, bullying or discriminatory towards another employee or volunteer of Unscripted Supports. We encourage staff to resolve issues with other staff members by talking to their manager or someone in Human Resources who can support a dispute resolution process.


Staff must not comment or post any material that might otherwise cause damage to Unscripted Supports reputation or the reputation of its staff. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action or, in more serious cases, termination of employment. Anyone working for Unscripted Supports should contact their manager for advice if they aren’t sure about anything in this policy or if they have any concerns about social media content related to staff or the Organisation.


Unscripted Supports has a non-smoking policy. Smoking is not permitted on Unscripted Supports property or in offices at any time.

Smokers who need to take breaks should do so in their allotted breaks. These breaks must not be taken at the entrance to Unscripted Supports offices. Excessive smoking breaks will be regarded as absenteeism and performance improvement action may be taken.

Alcohol and Drugs

Unscripted Supports is focused on identifying and addressing the factors that may hinder an employee's ability to perform their work safely and effectively. The company acknowledges that the use of alcohol or drugs can have a negative impact on the short-term and long-term work performance of employees and is also a potential hazard to occupational health and safety.


Unscripted Supports will do its utmost to create and maintain a safe, healthy and productive workplace for all employees. Unscripted Supports has a zero-tolerance policy in regard to the use of illicit drugs on their premises or the attending of other business-related premises (e.g. clients) while under the influence of illicit drugs. Contravening either of these points may lead to instant dismissal. Unscripted Supports does not tolerate attending work under the influence of alcohol. This may result in performance improvement action or dismissal.


Unscripted Supports may at times make alcohol available to staff over the age of 18. Limiting the consumption of any alcohol made available is the responsibility of the employee. Driving over the legal limit or under the influence of illicit drugs is illegal.

Pets or Animals

Unscripted Supports promotes and encourages pet ownership as a lifestyle choice. However, we want to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients and employees, which is why we have a policy that prohibits employees from bringing their own pets to any Unscripted Supports properties where services are conducted or at client-owned premises. This is because pet behaviours and allergies can have a negative impact on others, including our clients.


Unscripted Supports will advise potential employees of clients who are pet owners prior to buddy shifts for the purpose of pet behaviours and risk to allergens.


Where an employee has suggestions for assistance animals for therapy, a purposeful reason and permission must be approved by Unscripted Supports Management.


Where a breach of pets or animals has been identified by Unscripted Supports management, they will follow correct non-compliance procedures. It may lead to Performance Management and potential termination of employment. Refer to Managing Underperformance Informal Process Checklist and Managing Underperformance Formal Steps Process Checklist.

Reporting Breaches to Code of Conduct.

Unscripted Supports as an organisation, as management leaders and its employees, have an obligation to report suspected misconduct or breaches to a Unscripted Supports manager or director.


All employees who hold concerns about serious wrongdoing or misconduct within the organisation will be encouraged, supported, and protected to come forward and report such information. 


Any work-related conduct that might constitute criminal behaviour should be immediately reported to the police. Should the alleged breach take the form of criminal activity, the matter will be referred to the police and subsequent legal action may be taken against the employee.


Unscripted Supports Manager of Services or Director of Services will be responsible for reporting any criminal offences or Code of Conduct breaches to the relevant authorities e.g., Police or NDIS Commission.


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